Author: penwing

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

    Just a short intro here – I make Sticky Toffee Puddings at least every Christmas for the family. One of my family members asked for the recipe recently for a colleague and, well, I had to share photos of the handwritten (my best scrawl), something-splattered copy I have written in my recipe book (there are…

  • UK Political Transphobia

    Kier Starmer, leader of the Labour Party. But is all as it appears? Of course not.

  • Doctor Who – The Star Beast

    Well, that episode was a lot of fun – I enjoyed it immensely. But… It was not without its problems – fairly significant problems in fact. I will say that these are largely down down to high expectations and the sole trans character having to represent a whole lot in very little time, but… problems…

  • Rendered Invisible

    The TL;DR is that Warrington Guardian is engaging in trans erasure in its latest charity campaign rendering Warrington queer people invisible in the process.Six months ago, Brianna Ghey was murdered in a Warrington park. Brianna was a 16 year old trans teenager. I live in Warrington. This hit hard.

  • BBC On Fedi?

    The BBC has joined Fedi… a bit. They’ve started a six month experiment with a Mastodon server for a handful of BBC general accounts (R&D types, Radio 4, 5Live) (i.e. not individuals). Note, BBC News is not one of these accounts (but Radio 4 is). This is, one the one hand, great. We want big…

  • Protest

    I grew up under Section 28. I was lucky – I had access to the internet in the early days of IRC (NeverNet), Yahoo Groups and GeoCities (West Hollywood neighbourhood) and so was able to work out who I was despite this. And, of course, understand that I was growing up under Section 28. So…

  • Nimona

    This will contain spoilers for Nimona and its queer themes. This morning, I finally got around to watching Nimona – and wasn’t it a lot of fun? And it’s a delightfully queer movie. This is not Luca with it’s (laughably (un)deniable) gay romance. It’s not Strange Worlds with it’s queer relationship consigned to bookending the…

  • It Lives!

    Once again, this site is resurrected. This time in WordPress. The old site is still available for those who care, but this is my new home. Initially this is a quick test post to see what works etc. and to try and play around with a few things.