Some stuff what's happened (SF Theatre Edition)

Oh... err... April... Oops... *waves*

I've struggled to write much recently sadly, but I'm going to force myself into it again no matter how crap I think it is. I've agreed to write something monthly for a local LGBT site (let's see how that goes shall we?) so I need to get into the groove.

So, I'm just going to do a quick update on my life: Gigs, books, theatre!

What, you want more than that? OK then...

Midnight thoughts, Daytime words - Spectrums are not enough

Midnight last night… struggling to fall asleep partly due to an afternoon nap and partly due to thoughts. Thoughts going back to a recent twitter hashtag/discussion a few weeks ago #IAmNonBinary. Thoughts which feel so much more complete when I am seeing them complete with illustrations and voice over in my head.


So, today The Lowry's May-August programme landed on my mat with some excellent news in it. So I thought I ought to do an upcoming post and see if anyone else is interested in anything. I should also link you to my YouTube Upcoming Gigs playlist - I already have tickets for these, but you can get your own and come with if you want.

Squeeeeeeeaaak Post 3

Hmm... been a while since I last went Squeeeeeeee at everything so here we go.


Over on Jim C Hines' blog, he is asking for guest posts on the issue of how important representation and diversity is. He is a fantasy author who is definitely on the good side of introducing better diversity into genre. This is a fight we need to win.

A (possibly) TMI response to UKBA questions...

In my letter to Stonewall's new (acting) CEO, I talked about the need for Stonewall to act more intersectionally and included an example of not awarding employer of the year to the Home Office which is acting in a very different way with Asylum Seekers and other immigrants. Today, Free Movement released a set of questions gleaned from an interview in October 2013 with an Asylum Seeker claiming biphobic and homophobic persecution in his home country.

A New Hope...

So, Ben Summerskill has (finally) resigned as Stonewall CEO and Ruth Hunt has taken over in an acting capacity.

*must not gloat, must not gloat*

Squeeeeeeeeee-post 2

Could it be? Really? Time for another Squeeeeeeeee-post? Been about a month*, so I guess so…

Julie Fucking Bindel and No Platform

Soho Skeptics is a group of people organising interesting talks and debates under a Skeptics banner in Soho. Their next event is entitled The Battle Over Gender and features Gia Milovich, Adrian Dalton, Bethany Black and… Julie Fucking Bindel.

Systematic homophobia at ATOS?

I think I'm going to need a shower after this, but here goes:

"Fucking hell. Gay man suffering from depression is assessed by Atos, and told that religion could cure his sexuality"

"Depressed gay man was advised by Atos assessor to investigate "gay cures""

"An ATOS assessor tells a depressed man he is gay and thus "needed to return to God to be repaired""

"depressed gay man advised by Atos assessor to investigate "gay cures""

"How do ATOS still have a contract?"


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