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You've got to feel sorry for Cardinal Keith O'Brien. I mean, here's a man who is the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland who can't even, on the basis of his religion, publicly proclaim that equal marriage is a "grotesque subversion of universally accepted human rights" and thereby declare people like me non human without getting called a "bigot". That's gotta hurt. To have it said that you have an "obstinate and intolerant" belief in a religion... to Dictionary Corner!:

Stonewall Engagement

Well, I've been talked into it... didn't take much though to be honest. Yes, It's time for another post blasting Stonewall. I was thinking about this the other week when Summerskill seemed to try to re-write history*.

But anyway, this isn't what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Stonewall's campaigning. Today's tweet highlighted by @JaeKay from Ben Summerskill:

Bus Ads

Oh dear, I'm about to add more column inches (*fnar* *fnar*) to Anglican Mainstream's twenty buses in London ad campaign promoting the (lack of) virtues of conversion therapy for LGBTQ people. "NOT GAY! EX-GAY, POST-GAY AND PROUD! GET OVER IT!" reads the ad.

Census and Stonewall

So, Pink Paper reports that Ben Summerskill has opened his mouth and firmly inserted his foot again. Well, this time it's all there in black and white in his March eBulletin. Titled "Tick Amy Lamé's Box!" on the web version of the email, it includes the following P.S. to his introductory comment:

Attacking Stonewall!

After sitting through Sunday's speculation of what could be in the then upcoming government announcement on "gay marriage" I was fairly certain that it was going to be about how religious premises would be able to start offering civil partnerships and was hopeful of the announcement/launch of a consultation on actual equality on this issue.

Defending Stonewall?

So, a call has gone out calling for a picket outside Stonewall's upcoming Workplace Conference for two reasons: the awarding of the top workplace award to the Home Office and the keynote position being offered to Theresa May. At the risk of going completely off message, I feel there is maybe some defense that can be given to Stonewall here (I know, I know, but hear me out!).

On Laws, Summerskill/Stonewall and Outrage

I've not blogged much recently despite wanting to say quite a bit. Other voices can sometimes say it better than I can and I do try and share those voices on my twitter stream.

David Laws resigned from the cabinet the other week after the Telegraph revealed he had been claiming expenses for rent paid to his partner against the rules. They claim that they weren't intending to reveal that his partner was male and therefore pull Laws out of the closet but it's hard to see how that could work in any meaningful way.

Stonewall Standing Up for LGB Rights... not (updated with added example)

Remember me talking about how we are excluded from harassment protection in certain circumstances in the new Equality Bill? Lynne Featherstone asked Ben Summerskill of Stonewall - the representative organisation for UK "gay men and lesbians" - about this. His response:

I can certainly say on the issue of harassment we are not convinced that there is a need for protection in this area.

The New Wave

The good news is, Julie Bindel did not win the Stonewall Journalist of the Year award. The bad news is, she still thinks "It's not me. It's you". In that article she explains the storm she predicted as soon as she got the nomination. A storm she thinks is down purely to her 2004 article. Unfortunately, her nomination and article were only part of a wider problem.

Julie Bindel rejects transphobic label

Tomorrow Stonewall is holding it's annual awards and as mentioned previously, one nomination is Julie Bindel for Journalist of the Year. As I've mentioned before, Stonewall are explicity not a trans organisation nor do they seem to be a bisexual organisation at anything other than superficial level and both these facts offend me.