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Youtube Filter

Sorry guys, another testy type thing for a new drupal module.

Hopefully, that's a Youtube video of my messy room...

Trying again...

You too can now download this module (or you will as soon as I give myself permission to upload .tgzs) which is based on Citation Filter which is no doubt painfully obvious from the code 8-).

x x

Complaints and stuff

It's been a while since I've blogged about the useless of East Midlands Trains (formally Central Trains owned by National Express, now the franchise is owned by Stagecoach) but today they prevented me getting to a meeting on time. The 0816 should get me into Manchester with time to get a banana and chatting to reception before arriving in the office 0850ish. Then I can get down to Didsbury fairly easily for an 0945 appointment. However, when the morons only put on 2 carriages this is still possible - but only if you can get on. Which 90% of the people waiting at the station can't.

Out of the box

Lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Transsexual? Why all these labels? Do they unite us? Do they divide us? Do they allow us to express ourselves fully? Do they limit us unnecessarily?

When I first joined Queer Youth Overground (as it was back then) I was uncomfortable with the name. Queer was a word used to insult. Could I identify with that word at all? Turns out that over the next few years the more I read and the more I learnt, the less comfortable I would become with the compartmentalised term "LGBT".

Holiday (Updated)

OK, I booked off some time from work. something I am remarkably bad at actually doing. Due to work being shut for a period over Easter, I am looking at being workless from the evening of Wednesday 19th March to the morning of Monday 31st March. That's a nice long period of nothing at all planned.

If anyone wants to visit or would like me to visit them or has any other suggestions, let me know. It's that or see if I can complete a B5 marathon in the time (which I think Wendy'll veto).

Edit: My friend Bex is coming up for a few days at the end of the week. Yay!


ID Cards (Updated)

Home Office | Plan for ID cards announced

From 2010, young people will be able to volunteer to have ID cards to help them prove their identity as they open their first bank account, take out a student loan or start employment. Later that year the scheme will be opened to voluntary applicants of any age.


OK, I use AIM a bit. Last week, someone with the screenname of "RationalSalmon" messaged me. I was bored enough to reply:

12:19:57 rationalsalmon: Hi.
12:20:44 Alexander Lambert: hello
12:21:52 rationalsalmon: hi
12:22:15 Alexander Lambert: yep, we established that bit
12:23:00 rationalsalmon: ...
12:25:04 rationalsalmon: so why are you messaging me, exactly?
12:25:15 Alexander Lambert: because you messaged me
12:25:44 rationalsalmon: sure I did...
12:26:10 Alexander Lambert:
Alexander Lambert

My heart's in Eastern Europe, baby we know what we're working for

So, last night, Wendy and I went to a gig in Manchester. Well, we went for two of the support acts to be honest. Exile Parade and The 66 - both Warrington bands I have mentioned before and will continue to relentlessly force down your lug-holes.

Exile Parade seem to be heading towards biggish things with one of their songs being used in Skins, a large American following and a single coming out. In Germany. I hope they do OK.

"Peake is like Dickens on acid"

BBC iPlayer - Worlds of Fantasy

Documentary series about fantasy fiction tells how, in the 1950s, JRR Tolkien and Mervyn Peake created texts that revolutionised and popularised the genre.

Gay Politics

Channel 4 - News - Landmark Tory gay wedding bans

25 years after the hint of homosexuality cost Labour the Bermondsey by-election, is sexuality no longer an issue in politics?

Firstly, congratulations to Alan Duncan on his recent announcement that he will enter into a civil partnership with his partner.

French Films

I've just been watching Un Jour D'Ete (One Day In Summer) so you're about to get a stream of thoughts about French Film (or at least the French Film I've seen which is fairly restricted to Queer French Film).

Firstly, nothing happens in them. And yet I'm utterly captivated.

Then, there's always cute lead guys.

But that's not my reason for liking them. They're like a comfort food - making me feel warm inside.

Welcome to the website of Alex Lambert aka penwing. I'm a 29 year old, queer geek from Warrington in Northwest England. I write often about queer issues, digital age issues, SciFi/Fantasy/Horror, politics in general, and my (really rather boring) life. I'm left wing but non party political (hate them all).

Feel free to pull up a bean bag and make yourself at home.

I believe in freedom of speech in terms of what you want to argue, however, if that is presented in an offensive way I will make use of the delete button. I also believe that freedom of speech comes with a responsibility to own your arguments. You don't need to use your real name, but you do need a name consistent throughout a debate.

I am @penwing on twitter.