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Stonewall Rant

On Hollyoaks on Monday I noticed Kris wearing a "Some people are gay - get over it" t-shirt. This is a Stonewall campaign. Now, Kris (the character) goes to great pains to remind us that he is a bisexual cross-dresser. He doesn't strike me as the sort of person who would let Ben Summerskill's (Chief Executive of Stonewall) comments and leadership pass.

The imaginitvely titled post about Judder and Warrington Music Festival

So, Friday night saw me bail out of work early to ensure being in a postion to be picked up to go down to Cheltenham for Judder. Considering that it was a new place, with new people and music I wasn't used to I held out rather well 8-). Despite appearances to the contrary (because of aforementioned issues) I did enjoy myself and liked the people I did meet and managed to drag me out of my shell 8-). And I hear that the music is usually better which should be good if I do go again.

Religious Rights vs Gay Rights

According to this story at BBC News:

A marriage registrar was harassed for refusing to conduct same-sex ceremonies, a tribunal has ruled.

Lillian Ladele, who said the civil partnership ceremonies went against her Christian faith, hailed the decision as a "victory for religious liberty".

Free Week

OK, I was going to go to Play Festival but, due to weather ruining the site (come on site, we had floods last year...) it's been cancelled. I had time booked off work and everything. This does mean though that I now have a week off work. I finish on 18th July, considering visiting my brother in Didcot that weekendand have the following week and weekend (including Monday to recover) free. Anybody fancy meeting up and doing something.


Yesterday Wendy and I went to see Wanted - Timur Bekmambetov's (Night Watch & Day Watch)latest film. A hollywood action film this time. And it's fun. James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie doing ridiculous stunts to a fairly standard plot. But it was damn fine fun.

The Orphanage is released on DVD next Monday here in the UK. If you haven't seen this yet, I would strongly recommend it except that... I already have!

Warrington Music Festival

I just sent this to (I hope) all my local friends but I thought I'd share it with everyone else in case they wanted to come along and sample a bit of Warrington Culture (we have our very own Cultural Quarter you know).

Hi All,

No, stop rolling your eyes like that. Warrington has it's very own
music festival and, whilst it may not have the gravitas of
Glastonbury, the celebrity of T in the Park or the chance to throw
bottles of piss at Daphne and Celeste like leeds/Reading, it does have
some bloody good fun unsigned local bands. It's happening next

Interesting Stats and Discrimination

Font page of the Metro on Thursday: Fifth of gays are victims of hate - but few are willing to go to the police. It's reporting on a Stonewall report which :

In March 2008, Stonewall commissioned YouGov to survey a sample of 1,721 lesbian,
gay and bisexual people across Britain. The survey canvassed their experiences and fear

A penis is being waved at you, how do you respond?

scream and run
0% (0 votes)
lick your lips in anticipation
0% (0 votes)
write a letter of complaint to Ofcom
0% (0 votes)
strip naked and join in the fun
0% (0 votes)
close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and go "la la la not seeing, hearing or anything else"
50% (1 vote)
point and laugh
50% (1 vote)
Total votes: 2

Music & Heinz

Hmmm.... The weekend of July 11/12/13 could be really good fun. Friday 11th is Judder - a club night I've somehow wangled my way onto. Once I get back from Cheltenham on Saturday 12th I will be going to Warrington Music Festival (if anyone else wants to come, feel free). Now, I just need something for the Sunday and I'll be all set. UPDATE - Think I found the sunday event - Summer in the Park.

Site Blather

Whilst I'm ranting...

I'm running OS X Leopard. I did have it running a cron job to keep my site up to date (feeds and that malarky). Now it aint doing so. I've tried a plist for Launchd and I've recreated my crontab but it just don't want to work.

And whilst we're at it, I can't get Drupal to parse plurk RSS feeds. I know they work because it's getting through to Google Reader, but Drupal aint liking it (I've got plurk and twitter - still trying to decide which I prefer...).

Welcome to the website of Alex Lambert aka penwing. I'm a 29 year old, queer geek from Warrington in Northwest England. I write often about queer issues, digital age issues, SciFi/Fantasy/Horror, politics in general, and my (really rather boring) life. I'm left wing but non party political (hate them all).

Feel free to pull up a bean bag and make yourself at home.

I believe in freedom of speech in terms of what you want to argue, however, if that is presented in an offensive way I will make use of the delete button. I also believe that freedom of speech comes with a responsibility to own your arguments. You don't need to use your real name, but you do need a name consistent throughout a debate.

I am @penwing on twitter.