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Fresh - Mark McNay

Time to pay my dues for this Early Reviewer book. I read this is just over a couple of hours or two days worth of train journeys. I'm going to start with some criticisms of the book.

Fortunately, my complaints all fall under "typographical" issues really. The lack of the quotation marks threw me. And would it have killed them to have some distinction between real world and the internal fantasy monologues?

Having said that, I liked the use of internal fantasy monologues. I think it built up Sean's character in a way I don't see often in the books I generally read.

And now for something completely different

In an attempt to buck the trend of boring life updates, queer theory and general rantiness I thought I'd give some comment on the new coin designs in the UK.


When I first saw that picture I wasn't overly impressed. As a whole the set didn't seem to "work". Maybe it's because they're too spread out to appreciate the shield design (although it's easy enough to see).

Conversations with my body

Alex: Wakey wakey body, time to get up

Alex's Body: Wha?

Alex: Time to get up. You know, start moving, shuck the duvet all that...

Alex's Body: Nah it isn't.

Alex: 'Fraid so.

Alex's Body: you do know this isn't April Fools Day - the clocks only went forward one HOUR on Saturday, not a whole day...

Alex: Y-huh.

Alex's Body: Then why do you think it's time to get up?

Alex: Work.

Alex's body: Bugger!

x x

My time off

Today is my last day before heading back to work. I'll have had eleven days off and done... errr... not a whole lot.

I semi-tidied my room, got my hair cut and went to the consultant. I went to Manchester and helped set up a CND Stall and shopped at the farmers' market. Had a look at Bar Plan B (but was too loud and noone else was coming because they wanted to go to The Manor - one of the most boring pubs in existence), went to a music festival at the lounge. Did some gardening stuff. Went back to Manchester with Mum. Tidied the house a bit.

Queer Theory, Gender Theory

I finished reading Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer by Riki Wilchins. As I have said previously, I don't read a lot of non-fiction so a lot of what was being said in this was new to me. Postmodern theory, Derrida, Foucault. Nothing I had heard of. Despite that the book was accessible enough for me to follow.

East Midland Trains

Back at the start of March I was late to work due to me oversleeping a little and having to get the East Midlands Express service into Manchester. According to the timetable, this should be entirely possible without me being late. Due to experience I know this is not always the case so I bitch and moan about it on here and get the earlier, stopper, train which actually gets me in on time.

Never let me near non-fiction

I went and ordered a couple of books from amazon which have arrived today - Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer by Riki Wilchins and PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality edited by Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel.

Pets in hospital

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Hospital bridles at horse in lift

A Hawaiian hospital has restated its rules on pets after a man took a horse up in a lift in a bid to cheer up a sick relative with his favourite steed.

The question has to be asked - WTF??

x x

What Time Is It? (Updated)

Something's going on in Warrington. Warrington, chiefly known as the world's greatest exporter of chavs and soap has a surprisingly decent music scene coupled with a surprisingly decent (if small), northern quarter-esque bar - The Lounge.

The Excursion

In which our endearing hero explains the reasons behind a foray into the depths of Manchester...

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