A handful of reviews

OK, a month since my last batch of paragraph-length 'reviews'... only six things to review as I ended up not going to two gigs (Django Django got re-arranged and I was busy on the new date *cries* and Sleigh Bells I just couldn't be bothered with after listening to their new album and looking at their support act on YouTube). What I have got though is wonderfully diverse in style: a musical, a play, a band, a comedy show, a gig and a cabaret show.

Some notes on recent gigs

Over the past two days I've been at two gigs and seen six bands - four of whom I'd never heard of before.

Sleigh Bells

Friday was the fourth night out in a row for me - Sleigh Bells at The Deaf Institute. My first time in The Deaf Institute, and my first impression is that it's nice - intimate, no pillars in the way etc. But the "amphitheatre" seating at the back... how people managed tor remain seated through Sleigh Bells I'll never know. Also, please keep your staff up to date on cloakroom availability. I had to remain tied to one spot to look after my bag and coat all night. Cloakrooms should be mandatory in venues.

The Burns Unit

Wednesday was my first gig for 2011 and I had a plan. I was going to rate the gig a nice 5/10 as a benchmark for other gigs this year. But I can't do that. The Burns Unit were just too good to be given a mere 5 out of 10. It'd be wrong, so very very wrong.

Sadly, the support act - John Smith - wasn't the perfect addition to the gig that might have been hoped for. He was a little slow for me and in the cold Club Academy failed to get me moving and warmed up. He wasn't bad, you understand, but he wasn't right for me at that time.

Patrick Wolf

21st May, lying in bed, listening to the radio. I hear music and think "this sounds like Patrick Wolf, but not something I know", checking the radio display (thank you DAB) I saw it was indeed Patrick Wolf. Then Gideon Coe announced it was off Patrick's new album. "New album? Could there be a new tour? Google, help me!"