Sea Odyssey

One of the Eastercon panels I went to was about Science Fiction on stage. Mostly the agreement was it was pretty healthy, pretty diverse, pretty damn good, but pretty hidden. Small venues, tiny fringe pieces. Mostly adaptations (1984 at the Royal Exchange, Midnight from LassFest spring to mind). What was needed was a mainstream SciFi original to allow it to break through and become something special.

Time travelling giants wandering round Liverpool in a three day street-theatre spectacular.

Will that do you?

2nd Liverpool Pride - next weekend

Next weekend is Liverpool Pride and I was going to write an entry about how important I think it is for Liverpool and why I would be going again. Then I realised I already did that - after last year's event:


So, I live in Warrington - this is a town half way between Manchester and Liverpool with a public transport system courtesy of the fairy godmother - the trains turn into carrots at midnight. As such I don't know the gay scene very well at either city and consequently have very few gay friends. This has little actual bearing at what's coming up, it's just a general moan. Manchester is obviously well known for it's gay village and annual pride event.

On another topic all together

Liverpool is having a series of Queer related events as part of Homotopia and Outsiders. There's a few events I'm planning on going to including: