Election Post #2: On digital engagement in Warrington North

I live in the Warrington North constituency (since the boundary changes). A quick look at YourNextMP shows I have 4 candidates to choose from (this will be confirmed once nominations have closed):

  • Derek Clark - UKIP (until very recentl YNMP was suggesting Jack Kirkham) [UPDATE: No UKIP Candidate listed on the formal Warrington North List]
  • Paul Campbell - Conservatives

Election Post No. 1: On liberation

So, with the elections coming up, it's time to start thinking about who I want to vote for. And therein lies a problem. I'm embarassed by all the parties (that is a polite understatement of my true feelings) and live in an ultra-safe constituency. On the one hand, there is Labour who have produced a more and more authoratarian, Orwellian state and who appear to equate liberation with equality with quotas, who abuse parliament and hold the public in utter contempt. On the other are the Conservatives.

David Davis speech and end of the honeymoon

For a primer, try my previous entry or the BBC article.

Good afternoon. I had intended to make this statement in the House of Commons, the appropriate place in my view for something as important as this but the speaker ruled that because it revisited controversial issues from yesterday it was not appropriate. So I'm going to read the statement I was about to make in the House. It will take a couple of minutes