Catch up

In related pope protest news, I'm almost certain that I was marching, at one point, behind the utterly gorgeous and wonderful Patrick Wolf. Thankfully I was holding the QYN banner (still not sure how that happened) at the time so couldn't rush up and embarrass myself... It got me thinking "there's a good chance that the walkman on my phone is paused on, or about to play, one of his songs. I turned it on when I got on the train to find it was playing Childcatcher ("You got to run run run as fast as you can but you can't run run from the childcatcher's hands").


Wow, I've been good at updating the past couple of weeks - I'll rectify that after I've posted about the BBQ.

For the past few years, my mate Jim has hosted a BBQ. Last year it was decided it was too big for Jim's garden so we moved it to a full weekend at Stokes Barn in Shropshire. Beautiful time was had in the middle of nowhere. We decided to return this year and despite a few niggles (we didn't have the site to ourselves as we thought we would so had to be more conscious of noise than we wanted) another good time was had.

Birthday Bash

Just gotten back from a birthday BBQ. A small but select group battled the elements and the I successfully lit and managed the BBQ. Plenty of meat was consumed, plenty of puns were abused.

And games were played.

Rapidough is fun. It's basically Pictionary with playdough instead of paper and pen. Can you guess what any of these are?

1. [G2:203]

2. [G2:206]

3. [G2:209]

4. [G2:212]

Update: If you're interested, we got all but number 3 (which the opposing team got from their model).

All quiet on the northern front

OK, not a whole lot going on in my life at the moment. Plowing my way through The Gormenghast Trilogy (currently about halfway through the last book - Titus Alone). Yay for train journeys where I can lose myself in a book. I'm also going through GenderQueer rather slower (it's my shelf book).

My DVD writer appears to be working now which means I can get round to watching some of the shows I want to. If I can turn off the musical CDs long enough that is...