Stu The Traveller

I've not really got a whole lot to say about this but it didn't feel right to relegate it to the earlier odds and sundry post.

Basically, my brother, in an extended period of sheer lunacy, has quit his job and gone over to America with less hand luggage than I would take to work with me in order to cycle round as many state capitals as he can for five or six months.

Lunacy I tells ya!

The Third Annual Tanzania Fundraiser

My friend Tom is connected to a village in Tanzania which houses a primary school for blind kids and an adult blind rehabilitation centre. Every year he runs a request for funds to help buy equipment and other things for the place. This is the third year he's put a direct request on LJ.

x x

My heart's in Eastern Europe, baby we know what we're working for

So, last night, Wendy and I went to a gig in Manchester. Well, we went for two of the support acts to be honest. Exile Parade and The 66 - both Warrington bands I have mentioned before and will continue to relentlessly force down your lug-holes.

Exile Parade seem to be heading towards biggish things with one of their songs being used in Skins, a large American following and a single coming out. In Germany. I hope they do OK.