A Few Gay (And Not So Gay) Notes

I was going to blog about BBC Three's documentary on the young lad who "woke up gay" after a stroke. Unfortunately, I missed the first twenty minutes or so but what I did see left me feeling very sceptical. It focussed far more on the change from beer-swilling, rugby playing, hyper macho guy who seemed to mistake sex with relationships into a equally stereotypical camp gay hairdresser. It was the swing from one stereotype tyo the other which seemed much more pronounced than his underlying sexuality - indeed very few people accepted his belief that he was straight before the stroke.

As I say, I was going to blog about it, but Chris Ashford beat me to my own thoughts.

Instead, in this mish mash of a post, I'll mention the improvements over at LGBT Warrington. The FAQs now cover, briefly, most of the points which came out in the comments on my previous article. I still disagree on some points, but I can understand where they are coming from and can respect that. Guess I now ought to see about going along... if I can find the time between everything else. I want some gay friends damnit!

Unity Theatre have released their Summer Programme and, as ever, loads of good looking stuff coming up - I've updated my Watchlist to reflect this.

Finally, I hate sounding like an advert, but you've still got a handful of days to take advantage of PS Publishing's (Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror) Special Friday 13th Offer... 13 hardbacks for £13 + £13 P&P (UK). Including signed, limited edition, beautiful novellas, collections, anthologies... so worth it 8-) I'm considering a second batch actually...

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