So, I finished Death Note (or is it Deathnote?) and I'm most of the way through Matter on the train. so I need a new shelf-book which can be promoted to bag-book when I do finish (and therefore clear the way for a new shelf-book). I just went out and brought a load of new books (payday is fun) and now have a stack I am going to list and promise to read before moving on. That stack is:

Problem is, I don't know which order to put them in. I think Jumper may move to the shelf ready to get promoted to the bag and then probably World War Z to the shelf. After that I don't know. Any comments gratefully accepted...

Tomorrow I'm thinking of going to see Jumper at the AMC in Manchester. If anyone fancies it, give us a shout. It'll be somewhere around the 1830 showing I think - not going to spend forever between work and the film.

Edit to add: I also went to the Greater Manchester LGBTQ thingymibob. There were about 10 of us there, only me not a student, but they decided that was fine as they wanted to try and be open to all and sundry. I actually spoke - mainly to fill up the silences and stuff but I ended up (ready to spot the theme here?) offering to do a website... That should be up soonish and will hopefully allow me to do stuff a bit more political - I'll link to interesting stuff (or my own stuff) on there as and when.

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