My Duty

According to Margot James, Tory Candidate, I, as a gay, have a duty to vote Tory. The reason for this duty? because I, as a gay who therefore has no children, gets substantially less out of the public services than a.n.other person would as a straight with multiple children.

"Gay people are net contributors to public services through their taxes, because very few of them have children.

"I think gay people have got more angst on this issue than anybody else because gay people are paying in, through their taxes and actually using far less of the NHS because they tend not to have families, less of the education system for the same reason and all the more reason to be angry with this government for the waste of their taxes."

So, my duty, as a gay, is purely to myself. My duty is to vote in the Tories so I, as a gay, can get lower taxes. And what do lower taxers mean... less public services to everybody. Errr... What about my duty to my fellow man? The straight family who do have children and are struggling? The lone parents who are being squeezed dry by this government and would be pushed harder by a Tory administration wanting to lower taxes for me as a gay. Where's my duty to society? I've accepted that in order for the people to get the support they need, other people have to pay for it. I believe that if I'm earning loads of money then, yes, I should be helping out. And, yes, that does mean a higher tax burden. But those public services - James particularly cites the NHS - are there for me too when I fall ill. When I struggle.

I believe in the truth behind the quote (variously paraphrased and attributed) that "a society should be judged by how it treats it's weakest member". This applies in many fields - the supply of public services, the taxation to fund those services, civil liberties and liberation. Telling me I have a duty to look out purely for myself is asking me to go completely against that principle.

And guess what? The Tories are going to be no better on my rights and civil liberties. They are the party which introduced S28. Labour may have only half heartedly tried to get rid of it but the Tories introduced it. They've fought against the rights we have established such as adoption and civil partnerships (and not because they weren't marriage). They've not convinced me that they'd be any better on civil liberties in general either.

So, no, in no way whatsoever do I believe I have a duty to vote Tory. David Cameron has put a lovely veneer on the party, but that veneer is hiding the same old crap.

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